Anyone can volunteer!

There are many ways to volunteer. On our Facebook Page we will post the need for transporting critical patients from one location to our facility. If we are busy working on patients and a call comes in that may be of critical nature, this means time is of the essence, sometimes a life can be saved just simply by the time it saves by getting someone to transport that is in close proximity to the animal.

Work days!

If you are an educator or the team leader of a particular organization or group, we strongly encourage class/group participation and enjoy having students out for work days. This helps us in so many ways as well as gives your students or group. Give us the ability to catch up on prep work, an extra hand cleaning and caring for the animals as well as hand work that may need to be done on enclusures and general up keep. Please Contact Us for more information and schedule your class for a visit.

If you are not an educator feel free to call us and schedule a time convenient for you to come out and help. There is always something to do. Also we announce work days on our Facebook Page.

Share our organization!

A huge help to us is to share our information with all of your friends. Especially to let them know who to contact should they find an animal in need. Secondly, it's another opportunity for someone to help us out by volunteering. Volunteers are such a huge part of what we do. Everything is a teaming effort. We have some that may only be able to volunteer one time - and then we have others who volunteer on a regular basis. You can pick and choose and rest assured, we are very much appreciative to each and every one of you!


Unfortunately there is not a lot of time outside of caring for the animals so if you have fundraising ideas or want to participate in organizing a fundraiser, then by all means, feel free! We have several volunteers that wish to participate in fundraising they are just looking for someone to lead and assist in organizing the effort.

For a printable version of our wish list, please CLICK HERE.